MarkForged: Carbon Fiber 3D Printing.

Being a technophile and “maker,” I jumped at the chance to work in the 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing space. As one of the first hires, I designed and built the brand, directed the industrial design and aesthetics, as well as developed all the necessary collateral for the company’s successful 2014 launch.

A few responsibilities and successes:

• Concept, design, develop brand and brand initiatives
• Creative Direction and Industrial / Product Design
• Outbound marketing, PR, and channel marketing (additional Channel development)
• Trade Show and POS concept and execution
• Directing photo, video, 3D, and motion production
• Web design/development, e-commerce development and support

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The Brand.

The Process

The approach incorporates a few key elements that help define the Mark Forged company foundations. Using simple concepts and literal associations, the core components of Mark Forged become metaphoric and literal representations in the logo mark.

This element represents a strand of carbon “towpreg” found in Carbon Fiber components.

This element represents the 3-dimensional nature of additive manufacturing.

This element represents the literal “M” in Mark – the namesake of the company.

The Execution.

The Collateral.

The Web.

Built on WordPress, and utilizing a modified e-commerce solution, is the epicenter of inbound and outbound communications, as well as the primary hub for sales.

The Credits:

Creative Direction: Jeff Klein

Branding / Identity Package: Jeff Klein

Print & Collateral: Jeff Klein

Photography: Jeff Klein

Web Design & Development: Jeff Klein