Genasun: Off-grid power, down to a science.

In the middle of 2012, Genasun came to me with a problem: their über high end technology  and solar friendliness wasn’t reflected in their brand. They needed a complete redo to be taken seriously in their industry. After two months of research, development and design, the fresh new brand and website was launched just in time for Solar Power International 2012. The result was an instant increase in web traffic, a dramatic fall-off in website bounce rate, and a giant increase in top of mind. Oh, and the huge sales increase wasn’t so bad either.

A few responsibilities and successes:

• Concept, design, develop brand and brand initiatives
• Creative Direction and Product / Packaging Design
• Outbound marketing
• Trade Show concept and execution
• Directing photo, video, 3D, and motion production
• Web design/development, e-commerce development and support

The Brand.

The Process

The approach incorporates two related key elements that  define Genasun and the technology/vertical. Using a simple integration of two literal associations, the logo mark ties the industry with the name.

This element represents the solar panels required for off-grid power.

This element represents the sun, an icon for renewable energy, and the natural source that powers the world off-grid.

The Execution.

The Collateral.

The Web.

Built on WordPress, and utilizing a modified e-commerce solution, is the epicenter of outbound and outbound communications, as well as the primary direct sales solution.

The Product & Packaging.

Bringing the brand into the product line helped these pretty small devices stand out from the crowd. And since I can typically “make it happen” on most budgets, I turned to my 3D and Rendering skills to produce almost photo like renderings for use across all channels.


Creative Direction: Jeff Klein

Branding / Identity Package: Jeff Klein

Print & Collateral: Jeff Klein

Photography / 3D Rendering: Jeff Klein

Web Design & Development: Jeff Klein

Copywriters: Riley Fane, Jeff Klein, Greg Mark