Ferrari Challenge Website

Ferrari: Ferrari Challenge Website.

Known for being the pinnacle of auto racing, Ferrari North America helps keep the pole position by hosting their own racing series for owners of new production race cars and classic historics. And being Ferrari, the cost of pursuing trophies comes at premium, along with features and a seamless experience. Built on CakePHP, and some other goodies, I learned a lot about building large scale CRM’s and CMS’s. My role as the lead creative and art director, had me working very closely with two information architects and a handful of developers designing all of what you see publicly and most of the 80+ backend pages.

A few responsibilities and successes:
  • Web Design & User Interface Design
  • Extend brand guidelines for Ferrari North America
  • UX/UI support, working with Information Architects
  • Flash design and development
  • Front end development assistance

The Website.

The Challenge.

Ferrari needed a seamless experience for their customers, and a robust system capable of collecting organizing the race season (tracks and events), managing photographers and photos, and collecting the $40,000 plus per driver annual series costs.

The Solution.

We built a fully scalable CRM, CMS, and payment system capable of organizing and maintaining the day to day and year to year operations. This website was the central hub for the entire North America team, dealerships, and racers.

Over 80 pages

Full CRM & CMS System

Dynamic E-Commerce System


Agency: Loomis Group

Brand Package / Style Guides: AKQA

Art Direction: Jeff Klein

Designers: Jeff Klein, Joe Gamalinda

Flash: Jeff Klein / Eric McConkie

Software Architect: Tyler Seymour

Software Engineers: Tyler Seymour, Eric McConkie, Brian Ross

Front End Developers: Susan Becker, Jeff Klein